Rick Warren wants to please God

Check out this video of Rick Warren defending his position on gay marriage on Piers Morgan.

A friend on Facebook asked me what I thought about it. I couldn’t answer him honestly for a lot of reasons. So I decided to answer the friend here, where it is safe and I am anonymous. I know, I know…

Where to start? First of all, Warren’s definition of tolerance is all wrong. I know a lot of people who embrace tolerance, and none of them believe that “all ideas are equally valid.” That is a straw man argument that gets thrown out a lot but no one actually believes it.

Second, Warren says, “I’m against the redefinition of the term marriage.” That betrays a lack of understanding that “marriage” has been defined a number of ways, both in the non-Christian world and within Christianity — yes, even within the Bible itself. Warren would scarcely endorse the idea of polygamy, of arranged marriages in which the bride has no choice in who her husband is to be, of marriage of pre-pubescent children, of forced marriage of a man to the widow of his brother, or of the forced marriage of a violated woman to her rapist.

These are just a few Biblical definitions of marriage. So yes, it has been redefined, over and over through the years.

Finally, he states that he “fears the disapproval of God” more than he fears anyone else’s disapproval. If that were true, he might be more concerned about the fact that it is impossible to form a coherent morality based on the Bible alone. There are far too many inconsistencies and contradictions to do that. Everyone — Warren included — picks and chooses what to hold and what to reject based on their own sense of right and wrong.

No one stones their children anymore. No Christians that I am aware of avoid eating shrimp because the Bible tells them so. I could claim that we have “redefined” parenting and dietary customs that the Bible clearly established, using the same logic as Warren. So if he really fears God, he should be shaking in his boots because there is no way to use the Bible alone as a reference for pleasing him. More often, the Bible is used as cover for convictions already held.

God makes a convenient scapegoat for intolerant views and judgmental values.

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